Bff gets into a relationship 

Confession for my best friends……..

Who is a best friend?

Can it be defined in certain words?….. The answer would be a straight NO. A best friend will become your mother when you will be sick, a father when you will be broke, a stand up comedian when you will be sad, an unpaid tutor during your exams, a protective brother when you will be in danger, a sister who will give you her clothes when you will be short of clothes, a counsellor during your relationship problems and much more……(List is endless)

Dear Besties,

No matter how much we argue, we complain, we fight… my love for you will always be endless. There are a lot of people in this world whom you can trust upon and share your specific secrets but the best friend(s) would probably be the only one with whom you can share anything and everything without being judged. My best friends have supported me during all phases of my life… and they are probably the only persons on this planet who have seen me with oil in my hair, without an eyeliner and much more. I am the gossip queen when I am with the squad and the introvert when I am with different people. (Do check out my blog on Introversion and Shyness Yes I am an Introvert, No I Am Not Shy)

But, when my besties get into a relationship, it is a completely different phase between us. It involves regular arguments regarding who is more important and I think that it’s pretty normal. We have faced together two different sort of days in life….one where buying a hair clip used to be a news to be narrated to each other… to the another where even having a new crush was not narrated amongst us.

So, this blog is just a confession or real talk to my best friends and an indication that our friendship will not be affected, no matter how many persons go and come into your life.!!!


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