The Unsent Messages…

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Am I the only one who grabs her phone even before her specs, as soon as I wake up? Am I the only one who tries to get ready early for my college to do a bit of chatting before I leave? Am I the only one who cannot focus in the lectures due to messages popping up? Am I the only one who prefers to sit down and chat instead of hanging out with friends? Am I the only one who can rant endlessly on Social Media but cannot do even a single percent of it in reality? Am I the only one who cannot get into the cozy bed before texting Good Night to my chat buddies?  Am I the only one who loves to CHAT???

Probably, No…. In the current era, chatting has become a really normal and simple and natural process i.e. as simple and normal as eating food. Isn’t it? Every time we grab our phones with our minds and hearts full of expectations having at least a single message, even if not from a special person but at least a random one.

Texting has become very much a part of our lives… but there are different kinds of messages that we encounter everyday:

  • Best Friend Messages: Now, these messages are generally ciphered messages and can only be deciphered by the best friends. The words of the text might say An Ecosystem but it can be a secret code for her crush or her love. (That’s me)(This one is especially for girls.)
  • Important Messages: These messages may be about your scheduled appointments, your meetings, class reminders, or any another important stuff. (Sometimes, these messages may screw you as they might involve an early morning class or meeting etc.)
  • Parent’s Messages: You will often find your parents texting you especially if you do not live with them or when you go out somewhere. These messages will include questions like Have you Had your lunch?… Have you reached safe? etc etc. (Parents might even send you forwarded messages, random jokes, spiritual messages even when you are in the same room. This might sound a little funny but my parents do so and I assume some of you would have faced this as well.)
  • Irritating Messages: These messages would be from a random guy or girl(PS: Gender Equality) or even a known guy or girl whom you do not want to talk to, but they will send you messages until you block them. It can include anything that might irritate you. (Most irritating ones are Hey.. Why are you not replying.. Please Reply…etc)
  • Special Messages: These messages would be special to you. It might be from someone whom you were dying to talk to but couldn’t text first, it may be from your secret crush or your love or anything that’s special for you. (Salary Credited to your Account may also be special for some of us…)

Now, there is one kind of messages that is very special and close to my heart and would be special for most of us. So, that is The Unsent Message…….

We all are habitual of typing uncountable messages on a daily basis and send to each other. But, not all messages are sent my Dear reader. There are certain messages which we have typed for that one special person but couldn’t ever dare to send it to him/her.

These messages are full of true feelings and emotions that we want the other person to know… but, can’t narrate it to them. Our feelings will always remain just one click away from that special person because we cannot dare to click that SEND button. These messages motivate me to write out my feelings on this platform.

The process of typing such a long message and erasing will continue forever and ever…

Our draft boxes will be filled forever and ever….

But The Unsent Messages will be a special memory forever and ever.




40 thoughts on “The Unsent Messages…

  1. An interesting insight to a world I am not part of.
    I text, occasionally, but I never chat.
    And I despair when I see a couple sitting together, both on their phones, oblivious of each other.
    A different planet from mine, not necessarily better or worse, just different.

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  2. Really the last one true…
    I think this thing happens in almost everyone’s life…
    In my lyf too…
    The First love…We won’t want to lose them..So yeah we text bt never dare to send them…We won’t want 2 loose their friendship…@Ritika

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  3. Loved this! Your writing style really drew me in! Now, as a former professor….turn off your notifications while in class!!!
    Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog and checking it out 🙂

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