It Is That Time Of The Year Again

It is that time of the year again,

When notepads get a new aim,

We know it would end up in vain,

But still we set an unrealistic aim,

Hoping we will be able to attain,

A Flatter tummy and the desired fame,

The topper’s mark sheet having our name,

The naps without any guilt and shame,

The diets involving a healthy shake,

But, years will pass and we will be same,

Yes, It’s that time of the year Again.

Here comes the new year againπŸ˜€πŸ˜€


Happy New Year to everyone. May your 2018 be filled with love, laughter, passion and 365 full nights of peaceful sleep. May you successfully achieve all what you deserve. May you witness a positive change in yourself that you always wished for.

Having said that, let’s talk about the best part:Β The New Year Resolutions

So, Years may come and go but our tendency to make new resolutions and breaking them would continue forever. Almost Everyone makes New Year Resolutions, but only some of them can fulfill them. So, over all these years, I have observed that there areΒ Stages of The New Year Resolutions.

Yes, you read it right, there are various stages of New Year Resolutions, starting from the time when they are made till the time when we forget about them and regret over it. So, here are the various stages:

  • December beginning: Setting Goals

images (2)

So, In the December Beginning, these empty notepads are filled almost every year with new ambitions. Having high aspirations we plan to achieve all we couldn’t achieve in the previous years in the coming year. We plan everything in our heads and watch all motivational videos that will keep us on track. We arrange all the resources that will help in achieving our goals.

  • December End: Boasting About It


So, December End is the time to boast about our New Year Resolutions. It is the time to flood all our social media accounts with the images of our Bucket List. It is the time to tell all your friends and parents about your resolutions.(Even they might know that you are not going to do anything.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

  • January ,February and March: Over Enthusiasm

images (3)

So, this is the time when you are highly motivated about your goals. You will find yourself highly inclined towards your goals. You will start your day early, reduce your addictions and most important of all, you will be really happy regarding your performance.

  • April and May: Looking Back

images (4)

It is the time to look back at your goals to track your performance. It involves revisiting all those sites where you posted about your resolutions. You will be proud even if one of your goals would be accomplished. You will find yourself at the top ofΒ  this world.

  • June and July: Sensing the reality

images (5)

You have realized now, that this cannot be achieved. You have started sensing the difference between planned goals and your current state. You have realized that it is difficult and your minimal efforts(to be honest zero efforts) towards the goals are leading you nowhere.

  • August and September: Accepting the Failure

images (6)

Now, You have realized that it is next to impossible to fulfill your resolutions and you start accepting your failure. You forget about everything, with no improvement at all or minimal one.

  • October and November: Regretting About It

download (5).jpg

And It’s time to regret again. These months come with anxiety and depression having no clue about what we are doing to our lives. So, It involves all thoseΒ I hate my life momentsΒ andΒ Successfully Wasted One More YearΒ dialogues…

  • December Again: And The Cycle continues……..


But, not all people are same. Some of them work really hard towards achieving their goals and enjoy success in their life. So, they are true inspirations.

Signing Off!!!

Hope the article made some sense….

Happy New YearπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

See You All in 2018…❀


via Daily Prompt: Almost

60 thoughts on “It Is That Time Of The Year Again

  1. So true we make resolutions but fail to keep up with it.. but best part is we still hope and make resolutions again πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹..

    Lovely poem..loved reading it.. happy new year and hoping that u will be able to fulfill ur resolutions…

    Liked by 2 people

  2. The first thing I connect to is the β€˜sleep’… having been awake, staring into the dark last night for nearly three hours, sleep is my first goal.
    A decent notepad IN WHICH to write my 2018 plans is my next connection to your blog post!!! I want one. To write them in … I shall buy a new fountain pen .. forget the bic. You know, so things properly!!!!
    2018 … I’m following you (in the kindest sense) and hope to develop simultaneously x

    Liked by 2 people

  3. This is very true yes. Many people forget to set attainable and realistic goals which in the end will only lead them to disappoint themselves. I don’t usually do resolutions but I do think it’s healthy and can be very motivating to set goals. They just have to be broken up in smaller pieces and be attainable so that you’ll actually experience those small victories πŸ™‚ Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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