My Pillow Knows It All

My Pillow knows it all,

When my eyes got a call,

When I experienced a fall,

And there was a silent howl.


Sleep and Sleep and Sleep are the three most beautiful and peaceful processes in this world. Once you get into a deep slumber, your body feels so relaxed, your mind feels so relaxed and you just forget about all the worries, stress and tensions of your life and enter into a new world; A World Of Dreams. A peaceful sleep after a tiring and hectic day is so fascinating and tempting.

Imagine a tired and hectic day at your office desk, having a lot of deadlines, piles of incomplete files, scheduled meetings, presentations and a lot more. You are now completely screwed and depressed. You are heading to your house and you get stuck in traffic and it screws you even more. As soon as you enter your house, you take a hot shower, followed by a hot coffee along with your favorite book in your bed. You fall asleep while reading the book in your bed forgetting about the entire day, all your stress and all your worries. Isn’t it fantasizing?

But, not all nights are the same. The above story is just a fantasy for most of us. I cannot recall such a peaceful night when falling asleep was so easy and the world of dreams was such a happy world. Most of us struggle to fall asleep almost every night due to various factors such as bad sleep schedules, improper diets, excessive screen time, stress and much more. But still, our bed, our pillows, our blanket would be dear to us. All of them form a comfortable and a loving space that is essential for a beauty sleep.

My Pillows are very dear and special to me. They have always provided me a shoulder to cry on when there was nobody who stood by me or when I didn’t want anybody to stand by me. My pillow, despite of being a non-living thing, means a lot to me and has had significant roles in my life other than sleeping on it:

  • During the nights when I wanted to cry because I had realized my mistakes but couldn’t apologize for them, I cried on my pillows. Crying on the pillow was the only relief to me because I had nobody else to discuss my problems with.
  • I cannot count the number of nights, I have cried in my bed because I argued with my mother and realized it later. I have had conversations with my Pillow during those days because I was shy to confess all those feelings to anyone else.
  • I have cried over nights on my pillows when I lost someone near and dear. So, that I could act again as a strong person in front of my parents, the next morning. I used to control and hide all my emotions during the days when I was hurt inside, but I have shed all those emotions at night on my pillows.
  • How can I forget about the days I had Cramps or any other physical pain? My Pillows were my punching bags when I had cramps. I have squeezed my pillows between my legs to reduce the impact of the pain.
  • The pillow fights with my siblings were a great fun. Those fights have blessed us with wonderful memories.
  • My pillow was like a shield to me to hide behind while watching horror movies. I have prevented the sound of the irritating alarm to enter my ears with the help of my pillows.

I have a lot more to say about my pillows but I’ll stop here.

So, summing up, I have a lot of memories with my pillows. They are my bed partners with whom I can share everything without being judged and without any counter arguments. My Pillow covers have wiped more of my tears than tissues. 

Thank You for bearing this silly article.

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30 thoughts on “My Pillow Knows It All

  1. Oye… Soooooo good yr…. How u write so well.??🤔…
    BTW … U mention all the things.. One more reason for us to not sleep on tym is our smartphone..😁…
    Keep ✍️….&&& U r rocking on ur blog..@ Ritika…👍👍👏👏👌👌😖


  2. Your pillow article is not silly at all but interesting and moving. Yes, pillows can help us a lot in life. They are anchors we can hold on to. Thanks for following my blog.


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